Who Is Siddha Somanomah ? – Intro (English)

This stream of consciousness was percieved on an island in Peru in 2011. Please read with an open heart and allow the wisdom that is Siddha Somanomah to flow through you. 

This Intro is just a taste of the 3 Chapters that are available to purchase here which will be delivered via Pdf by donation.

(English Version –  La versión en español próximamente)

Who is Siddha Somanomah- Introduction.


Ask and it shall be given you Seek and ye shall find Knock and it shall be opened unto you
– Matthew 7.7

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha

With trust and love from above, please adjust without fuss to a space with grace.
That may inspire and entice the heights of those delights that make life nice. Spliced with a time, where white doves tried to fly high, drunk on the sky’s divine wine.
Implied rhyme’s entwined like binding vines, as they climb higher towards the light.
With words that may seem absurd, words that yearn with a thirst for an unheard verse that may be unrehearsed from the depths of my inner universe, to help you relearn yourself. – But 1st
Please take hold of these thoughts of old, for they have yet to grow mould. What I wish to unfold cannot be sold, but may be more valuable than gold.
Welcome to a fable if you will; to instil the will of things that sing with the wind, things that swim with tails sailing on the afternoon gale, things that fly high in the night, things with no sight provided by their eyes and those things that hide when the light shines too bright.
I hope what I might write in hindsight – provides some insight and gives cause to rejoice through your inner unique voice.
I hear ya India, but I’m off to Peru to acquire a fire in the form of someone new.
A human who grooved a path of virtue into everyone he knew.
Whoever spoke his name, never was the same again.

The distinct aroma of Siddha Somanomah’s heavenly sent scent, will forever reside within those with the right eyes and whose sense of silence guides, ignites and reunites the mind with the divine.
My name is Dan, I will be writing firsthand what I can, of my trip into this Promised Land.
Into the heart of a man who reflects the first sound, but doesn’t frown or desire saintly gowns.
What I have in store isn’t anything more, than what u all adore through pure thoughts.
I’ll try to find along the line some wise beings not sleeping but seeping with saffron, who haven’t forgotten where angels have trodden.
I pray they may be swayed, to convey and relay some truth about the maze we chase each day.
So here’s a cheers to these seers, without queer beers to a new idea that hopes to clear the atmosphere of fear.
Allowing us to adjust into love, a resurrection of this connection to this rhythmic thing in our chest- we sometimes forget, while being lost in our heads.
What’s left to be said, dreamt and read is only in context, if u adjust to non-‘sense’.
Never to be upset for you can spend all the time you have saved, getting lost in God’s grace.
So please listen with attention to this spoken token of ascension without mindful questions.
As I speak just receive these streams of thoughts that cannot be bought or taught.
And of course these positive thoughts will open the doors and weave a course without discourse.
I implore you to call on Yahwah’s applause and break down those walls that keep you divorced from the source.
So sit, think, blink, drink, be; breathe, perceive, dream, achieve peace, release repeat – u won’t be deceived.
Although we all know the flow of our noble path may be hard.
And all those masks and tasks we try to grasp, blast fast into the past but what lasts will be worth your rebirth.
All these seeds I have weaved will flow, grow roots, shoot, bloom truth, without gloom or sorrow, what’s left will sow a better tomorrow.

Give yourself room to think them through, like a renewed lotus seeking the full moons groom, maybe possibly kinda like the soma grown in Vishnu’s womb.

Indeed I agree with thee, you, me and he that simplicity may be the key and teach us to reach what we achieve in peace with no need for misery.
So here’s a bite sized chunk of love which I hope might be enough. Boys and girls of this world relax in this present ‘tense’.