One World Question

One picture can tell a myriad of stories….

One World Question is One Writer asking One Question.

#What is Life’s One True Lesson?

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The Writer

Dan Barnes is a Journalist and Poet whose prowess lies in finding the Nectar Of Truth.

There are many languages and Dan always tries to find a common ground within them all to bring a new perspective wherever he goes. Over the past few years he has written for the Elephant JournalEveryday AyurvedaMaptia  and his own site

India being his Spiritual Home he hopes to find the map to the heart of the divine. Recently after an interaction with a Siddha on Lake Titicaca Peru; He has taken to a shamanic understanding of how words are used to heal and afflict. Using this newly acquired knowledge his three chapter book ‘Who Is Siddha Somanomah’ has been labeled as Dr seuss meets Paulo Coelho –  albeit with a more philosophical tone.

Dan hopes to find on this journey the fundamental lessons of life from an array of people and relay and convey this cherished information through his unique storytelling style.