Vata governs movements in the body and is visible in the action of respiration, nerve impulses, heartbeat, expansion and contraction of muscles, and transport of nutrients.

Pitta governs metabolism and is responsible for body temperature, skin color and gloss, and the transformative actions of digestion, absorption, assimilation, and all biochemical reactions. Pitta is also responsible for the processing functions of the mind, intellect, and senses. Good health depends on Pitta’s ability to fully metabolize the nutritional, emotional, and sensory information we ingest.

Kapha is the cohesive force in the body, unifying all the elements to form the material structures of life. Also known as “biological water” (water is the main chemical component of the body), Kapha is the source of all bodily fluids. If these “waters of life” are depleted, the immune system weakens; if the “cement” becomes too thick (if the soil-water mixture is out of balance), we experience heaviness and blockage.