An Ayurvedic perspective of Marijuana and it’s long term effects on Spiritual Practice.

Ayurveda (which essentially is a 5000 year old science or guide to life and enlightenment) views Weed as a hindrance to your spiritual growth in the long term. This has been written without any bias – I am simply giving you the information from the texts..

According to Ayurveda moderate use of Marijuana works first as a nervous system stimulant and also a powerful aphrodisiac which is why we feel inspired because our creativity is also related to our shukra/reproductive juices but unfortunately later on her action can become sedating.

The issue with Marijuana is in its the long-term gradual effects which are of a Tamasic nature, leading to a dull and foggy state of mind. Within this fog, the insights supposedly received under the mildly psychedelic impact of weed (especially with high THC content) cannot be integrated in any valuable way without a certain degree of wisdom. Long-term use dries up the body and is toxic to the liver and also decreases our digestive fire – Agni. This leads towards an imbalance of all our three basic physiological forces (Doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha) which once disturbed have multiple repercussions and are very hard to bring back into balance especially if this Imbalance is Tridoshic. As a result of this imbalance chronic poor digestion, melancholy, sexual impotence, body wasting etc etc occurs (Because the 7 dhatus or bodily systems are malnourished due to the lack of Agni)People of Pitta constitutions generally have a higher Agni which detoxifies the body quicker, they have a sharper mentality, are generally leaders in society and also they are known to be very competitive by nature. It’s not surprising that these are the people who are usually advocates to smoking aka Joey Rogan/ B-Real etc.

Once again – Marijuana by its nature is tamasic (heavy, sticky, dulling) and has a rajasic (agitating) affect upon the mind (Bad for Pitta especially as it can heat the blood and subsequently fuel fiery type emotions I mentioned above). Its long-term use diminishes a person’s will (Liver) or ambition and leads to dullness, confusion, lethargy, and depression.  It can clog the channels that nourish the mind, subtle channels and be completely contrary to your meditation and spiritual practice or progress which aims to develop a sattvic or a clear and balanced state of mind which Marijuana can appear to have initially but it’s just an illusion.

​ Oh those snacks you grab while you have the munchies – Hard to digest and are Highly Tamasic thus accelerating this affect upon the mind. (Salty and Sweet ?- both of which are grounding by nature – make sense?)

​ It may sound like I have a bias towards using the plant but only in the sense that the current romanticized view of her is rooted in ignorance due too people’s lack of scope or desire to step outside the box and leave their perspective or cultural bias out of the equation.

​ I’d suggest if you want to continue using her then try cooking oil into Ghee which will add more of a Sattvic quality and add the herb calamus (Acorus calamus) which has special properties to help neutralize the toxicity. Smoking is the worst for your body after all Weed is a carcinogen albeit less than tobacco.

​ If someone wants to detoxify their body alongside usage of the plant then I’d recommend exercise, purgation, and the external and internal use of cooling foods like milk, ghee, and jaggery sugar and cooling stimulating herbs like camphor, cloves, and sandalwood. Sour substances like lemon juice and tamarind are also prescribed for countering the narcotic effects of marijuana.

​ Lastly if someone has a higher Sattvic quality, no trauma, a strong will power and a high ‘Agni’ they could use her more often than the people who don’t naturally or are yet to develop these qualities.

My advice personally – If you have too, only use her as a tool and don’t get caught up in habitual usage. The abusers make the users look bad…

Using Drugs to fuel states related to the mind (which essentially is why you smoke to alter your state of mind) and its corresponding brain chemicals; you alter the senses and the image of the world or your place in it (Ego delusion) and if one’s mind is dependent upon a worldly drug/tool/sacrament/entheogen/medicine etc you’ll only ever get to the point of the mind and never be able to transcend it. This is the reason drug induced ‘clarity’ is referred to as delusional states in Samahdi or Yogic texts.

Weed has some amazing medical qualities when used properly aka not packed into a bong..

Here’s another article written by a shaman on the energetics of Marijuana.

She is a medicine treat her as such..💜