Vata Tea (English)

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There is so much to appreciate in the spice isle of your local Farmacy pantry. As we are now moving into the Vata time of the year which signifies movement. We should start to prepare ourselves for the coming Winter (Australia)

Paying attention to what we consume on a daily basis now, can mean the difference between Health and Vitality or Colds, Flu and sluggish digestion leading to Ama and a very low energy output by the body.

I’d like to share a Tea that tastes superb and is quite simple, that when taken with a good Dosha pacifying diet can really assist in the nourishment of the 7 Dhatus.

Upon awaking from your slumber early in the morning

Take — 1/2 Tsp of Cumin
1 TsP of finely chopped Fresh Ginger
De-shell 4 Cardamon pods
1/2 tsp fennel seeds

Steep in hot water for around 5 mins.

Add 1/4 tsp of ghee and Add 1/2 tsp of mollasus

This is a tonic that will tonify your Tissues and also aid AGNI/Digestion.

The energetic of this concoction soothes Kapha and Vata.

You must be aware of any Ulcers or High Pitta as these Herbs are heating in nature. You can balance this by adding more ghee or halving the Cumin, Cardamon and Ginger.

Cumin – PKV – Tissues – Plasma, Blood, Muscle

Fennel Seeds – VPK
Tissues- Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Bone Marrow

Cardamon – VK- P+
Tissues – Plasma, Blood, Marrow and Nerves

Cloves – VK- P+
Tissues – Plasma, Muscle, Marrow, Reproductive and Nerve – Great for the Lungs ,coughs and Colds.