Sweet Potato Butter on Sourdough (English)



Firstly this is a recipe that when use in conjunction with an Agni building diet will nourish the body and give you a solid foundation to start your day.

Although on the other hand if your Agni (Digestive Fire) is not kindled this can be very hard and slow to digest and exacerbate the heaviness (Kaphic) qualities of the bread. You can add more Onion but you are better off attending to your digestion first.

This is a recipe I have been using for a long time and I am very surprised it has not gone mainstream, as its cheap and leaves you feeling really nourished and grounded.

The qualities of this meal are Kaphic and Rajistic. In other words – A grounding to get you started for the day and fuel the fire your belly while also adding weight thus eluding the body of hunger for a decent time.

I generally use more Garlic than this recipe has and more oil as I am predominantly Vata (Air/space)


Half a Small Lemon

Half an Avocado

Half a Handful of Almonds

Two slices of wholemeal Organic Sour Dough

2 cloves of Garlic

Half a large Sweet Potato

Half one Red Onion

Three Tbsp of Homemade Dill and Ginger Mayonnaise – Recipe to Come

3 leaves of Basil

Half a Sweet Vine grown Tomato

Virgin Olive Oil



Chop Sweet Potato into cubes and steam until soft

Add Mayonnaise, Almonds and Sweet Potato to blitzer and mix adding Olive oil until smooth.


Finely dice – Toms, Red onion

Finely Slice Avocado

Mash Garlic in a mortar and pessle

Toast Sourdough lightly

Spread Sweet Potato mix on bread

Add Garlic and chopped ingredients

Salt and Pepper to taste – Pippali is an added bonus if you can source it as it aids digestion and is good for all Dosha’s