I have my roots in Ayurveda, also known as the “science of life”. I have studied with Dr Neelesh Teware in Pune – India.  Over the past several years I have undertaken several plant dietas to increase my understanding of health and well being in general. Prior to this I had been apprenticed to an Australian Curandera who has been practicing with a lineage of healers originating in the northern Peruvian Amazon. This shamanic perspective is helping me to perceive the energy of illness and how vibrational calibration is the key to healing our whole being. Utilizing both Ayurveda and Ayahuasca is my main focus and calling. 

I am currently working on a healing map called ‘Alive with the 5‘. This new approach incorporates healing techniques based on the 5 Elements / Senses and the activation / emotional relationship of the first 5 chakras. This basic approach leads to homeostasis through the body, mind, and spirit and brings us back to our true nature (Prakruti).

Ganesh on my trail