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What does an Ayurvedic medicine consultation and treatment consist of ? 

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that was born in India and in recent years has been practiced increasingly in the West, with very good results. It aims to prevent diseases and treat them in the most natural way, based on self-knowledge and synchrony with the natural cycles.

The Ayurvedic medicine consultation lasts from one and a half to two hours. It is a very detailed consultation, where the doctor will inquire about your main health complaints, as well as your daily life and diet. Prior to the appointment, you will be given a form to answer in the most honest way with topics related to your current health. This will help us to make the best use of the consultation time. 

During the consultation, you will be given your Ayurvedic diagnosis. Whether it is your first time or not, it is very important that you pay close attention to your diagnosis, because it is a lot of very interesting information that you may not have heard before and, if you are not attentive, you may get a little lost in the explanation. For this it is important that you are in a comfortable place, without a lot of noise or distractions and, if possible, have a notebook, since we will not send the conversation in written form, but we will send the recording of the consultation so you can review it again. So please take all this into account before choosing the date of the appointment. 

We will then proceed to individually create a treatment for you, taking into account your Ayurvedic diagnosis, medical diagnosis and your individual goals. This treatment is unique! You will not find it in books or on the internet. So pay close attention and make good use of the consultation time, in case you want to ask more questions, so that you can also respect the time of the doctor and the patient who comes after you.

What does the treatment consist of?

As mentioned before, the treatment is individual, but in general, it is based on the following:

1.- Adjustments or changes in your daily routine and/or lifestyle. The doctor will inquire into your current routine and try to implement Ayurvedic routines that are feasible for you and little by little, depending on each person individually. If your lifestyle is very chaotic, keep in mind that this will probably have to change or improve in order to get the best results from the treatment.

2.- Adjustments or changes in your diet. You will be asked about your current diet; based on that, the pertinent changes or adjustments will be made. You will not be given foods or eating styles with which you are not familiar, and we will try to adjust to your times so that they do not generate more stress in your day to day life. However, it is important to know that digestion and nutrition are very important in Ayurveda, and if at this time of your life it is impossible to give more attention to this aspect, then the results may take a little longer to be evident.

3. Personalized Ayurvedic herbal prescription. Depending on where you live, we will advise you on where you can find these preparations in your country.

4.- Treatment time varies from person to person. Several factors are taken into consideration, such as: the chronicity and/or severity of an illness, your digestive capacity, your lifestyle, your commitment to yourself and your health. Approximately, results begin to be seen in 2 months, although some patients have had results before this time. The treatment has an average duration of 6 months to 1 year, with patients still undergoing treatment after this time. So patience and, above all, perseverance is needed. Ayurveda not only wants to calm your symptoms, but also to eliminate them forever or teach you how to prevent them so that they do not reappear and so you do not depend all the time on drugs or medicinal herbs to control them.

At the end of your first consultation, the doctor will suggest a second consultation to monitor the treatment and make the necessary changes. The date of your second consultation will be decided that same day. 

Our consultations:

  1. Ayurvedic medicine consultation.

🌿 Aimed to: Patients who have a pre-existing diagnosis, pathology or disease and wish to address it in a comprehensive and medium to long term manner.

🌿 Treatment price: $175 USD

🌿 What is included: 2 virtual consultations with Dr. Marjorie.

🌿 Payment options: PayPal. 

2. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultation

🌿 Aimed to: Healthy people, but who wish to apply the principles of Ayurveda in their day to day life and modify their diet accordingly. Also available for healthy children and pregnant women.

🌿 Price: $100 USD

🌿 Duration: 1h30 to 2h.

🌿 Payment options: PayPal. 

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