I myself have my roots in Ayurveda also known as the ‘science of life’. Over the past two years I have been apprenticed to an Australian shaman who has been practicing with a lineage which originates from the Northern Peruvian Amazon.This shamanic perspective is slowly helping me perceive the energetics of disease and how vibrational calibration is the key to healing our whole being.  Over the past few years I have seen the correlation of traditional Ayurveda and how this shamanic practice works hand in hand to give a fully integral approach to healing.

I am currently working on a healing map called ‘Alive with the 5′. This new approach incorporates healing techniques based on the 5 Elements/Senses and the activation/emotional relationship of the 1st 5 chakra’s. This basic approach brings homeostasis throughout the body mind and spirit and back to our a true nature (Prakruti).

Below is a simple model that I use.

I feel if you understand this you are on the right track. This is the true definition of ‘holistic’ as each one contains within itself its predecessor.

1– Brahma

2– Shakti (feminine) 3– Shiva (masculine)

4– Sattvic (Pure) 5– Rajas (Movement) 6– Tamas (Inertia) –

(These are also known as Generation/Organisation/Destruction ‘GOD‘)

7 – Buddhi- (Intelligent judgment) 8 – Chitta – (Conditioned consciousness) 9 – Manas – (Mind, capacity of imagination) 10 – Ahamkara- (Ego)

11– Space/Sound/Bitter 12– Air/Touch/Astringent 13– Earth/Smell/Sweet 14– Water/Taste/Sour 15– Fire/Sight/Pungent


I am also a writer and over the last few years I have been channeling a being called ‘Siddha Somanomah’, who has been a great teacher and Guru. By allowing these teachings to flourish from my heart through my hand, these have been published and have received great reviews within the healing community.

I am always available for guidance on how to implement these steps and also for one on one consultations.

With Love Dan