Ayavida Package 1


Welcome to our first Ayavida package. Combining over 30 years of collective experience of Ayurveda and Amazonian plant medicines we have formulated this package for those who wish to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony or Traditional plant Dieta and who want to make lifestyle and dietary changes according to the perspective of Ayurvedic medicine. These two medicines and holistic therapeutic technologies are sincerely a match made in heaven. Here with us you’re held and this whole package is tailored not only to your intent with regards to Ayahuasca but also according to your body type or Dosha according to Ayurveda. With this guidance and knowledge of yourself gained through Ceremony, Ayurvedic diagnosis and the wisdom of the plants you’ll come to know, understand and accept your strengths, abilities, flaws and many of the things that maybe inhibiting your ability to live a fulfilling and happy life. Many things elude us from being able to evolve into the human we wish to be but with Ayahuasca and Ayurveda we hope these ‘knots’ can become undone while rekindling your love for life and drive to connect to the divinity within you.

Within this treatment/package you’ll undergo an Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment with Dr Marjorie, a pre evaluation with Dan and a 10 day Ayahuasca plant Dieta in the Amazon with your post Dieta at a beautiful jungle hotel in the high jungles of Peru with the chef tailoring to not just the post Dieta restrictions but also your Ayurvedic constitution.

Prior to arriving in Peru we’ll give you two consultations: The first will be with Dan who has amassed a wealth of empirical experience throughout the last 15 years of working with Ayahuasca and Amazonian plant medicines, he will help make the process easier by educating you on the Shamanic and Curandero aspects of the Medicine. Not only will this touch on many aspects of the practice, he’ll give you a basic overview of Ayurvedic medicine and what to expect from your Ayurvedic medical consultation with Dr Marjorie. In this consultation you’ll be able to ask any questions about Ayavida.

The second will give you a much thorough and deeper understanding of Ayurvedic medicine and you’ll receive your Diagnosis, Treatment (pre and post Ceremony/Dieta) as well as educating you on many lifestyle/ sattvic inclined dietary changes or ‘life hacks‘ that will give you a better understanding of your self and a stronger foundation for the work with Ayahuasca. Dr Marjorie is not only an MD specializing in Ayurveda but she also has undergone Ayahuasca Dietas with master plants, purges, limpias and ceremonies. This treatment will also have a follow up consultation no longer than 4 weeks after your plant Dieta here.

The Centre

Upon arrival in Peru we’ll be in touch and answer any questions before you transfer to Pulcalpa/Iquitos. The centre’s we use are both owned and run by woman, whom of which have been working, studying and dieting plants for decades. Upon arrival in the jungle you’ll be received and transferred to either the centre or your accommodation. Once you arrive at the centre you’ll start to undergo an evaluation by the Head Shaman before undergoing the required purges and plant baths. The whole Dieta will be 10 days with the associated Ayahuasca ceremonies regulated and coordinated by the centre according to how much you’ll need depending on many factors.

Post Dieta

The post Dieta will be for 5 days at a beautiful hotel in Tarapoto. Here your meals will be prepared by a chef who understands the importance of post Dieta. The hotel is outside the main city but in walking distance of the main square. During this time we’ll be in contact should you need or wish to do other activities. During this time you can elect to have your follow up consultation with Dr Marjorie.

This package includes:

Preliminary consultation with Dan of 1-2 hours.

Ayurvedic treatment with Dr Marjorie consisting of one preliminary consultation and 1 follow up consultation.

10 day Traditional Plant Dieta.

5 days (4 nights) post Dieta in Tarapoto. Only the accommodation and breakfast is included not all meals, snacks etc or extracurricular activities such as treks, mototaxis etc.

This package ceases last day of Post Dieta in Tarapoto.

Not included:


Accommodation outside of the Dieta or Post Dieta at the hotel.

Final Price:

$2100 USD payable via PayPal with 50% needing to be paid 4 weeks before arrival at the centre. Within these 4 weeks you’ll start the process with Dan and also receive your preliminary consultation with Dr Marjorie. We look forward to hearing from you.