Who are we?


Medicina Del Sol  is an extension of our Love.

We both have come into contact through the Science of Life that is – Ayurveda.

Discovering each other on the otherside of the world, we met during an intense period while on Dieta in the Amazonian Jungle in Tarapoto – Peru – Open Heart and Open Mind.


Many people collaboarate on projects but we have been blessed to have met and to be able to share Love, Life, Experience and Knowledge and we give thanks to the One that allowed this all to unfold.  Within these two weeks of post diet and with the guidance of the plants, Medicina Del Sol was the seed that grew shoots, roots and bloomed into something new. To do something new and full of virtue we knew that this idea that became so clear when the atmosphere was devoid of fear, could indeed be something powerfully beautiful and we hope you can expeience this new sense of being too.

This Website is our Love Child and we want it blossom and bloom into a graceful space that allows people to feel renewed and experience Life in the best way possible, utilizing the Ayurvedic Principles. Within this site you’ll also see that we intend to run workshops in Lima. This will be the space for us to share the divine feminine and masculine and help people understand there constitution thus be able to employ Self Health Help.

The Art aspect of this site is our desire to share some amazing Artisan work of Peru and the amazing objects that Pakistan and India have to offer. We will do our best to make some of the best craftmanship available to you, as we feel that Less is Best. What you purchase from us is coming from a pure place. We have tapped into some amazing concepts and hope that what we are trying acquire, relay and convey finds a place in your heart and nourishes your soul.

We hope you Love the site just as much as we do.